Versatility is the right word, our team is specialized in 3 areas: design, decoration and print. Thus each person asserts his own competence and complementarity within the team. Facilitating bridges between technical, avoids monotony and make space to numerous variety of topics.


Our values : Close, quick, efficient, créative.

Bouchra Tazi

Directrice de Projets

Jean Philippe Vaïsse

Architecte  & Publicitaire

DG Cap Media


Beyond its talented suppliers, Cap Media relies on a network of partners sharing the same spirit and helping to consolidate the offerings by adding their respective competencies in each case. Heavy projects, specific or complex issues, the expertise of each under the leadership of one ensure an appropriate response maintaining proximity and reactivity, which characterizes light structures.




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5 rue Aïn Asserdoune

Casablanca - Maroc

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