Stands & Exhibitions

Temporary Spaces

Since 2005 Cap Media has developed its expertise in design and construction of temporary spaces, for educational or commercial events. Specialized in stand structures building, Cap Media manages the art direction, production and implementation of specific events such as launches, or various special events.

Stand Solutions ...

Cap Media supports design, production and logistics for spaces from 10 to 1000m2, in Morocco and abroad.. 


...depending of your goals

As a specialist in marketing mechanism and advertising language, Cap Media is dedicated to create each stand to match your goals, paying close attention to the spirit of your message.


Spirit, inventive spaces.

Custom stands, itinerant, modular stand, standard space trim: the stands are part of a real technology to implement techniques and various materials in minimal time.

The stand is a kind of formula 1 in development, where cutting edge innovations benefit the permanent improvements.


Exhibitions & Thematic spaces

The agency designs and produces thematic exhibitions, structuring the presentation and path, managing both content and form, offering educational systems and displaying, models and animations.




Cap Media acts as art director and build your physical event, set design, producing and displaying the sets and all specific items, to final graphic design.



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